• 4 cups of Teff Flour
  • 5 cups of water


*Pour the Teff flour in a bowl and add in the water. Mix with a whisk till batter is smooth

*Cover the bowl (with the batter) with a plastic wrap. Make sure the plastic does not touch the batter.

*Leave bowl covered in room temperature for 24 hours.

*After 24 hours, remove the plastic cover, if there’s water on top of the mixture, pour it out until the batter starts mixing with the water, then stop.

*Whisk the batter again. You might see bubbles but that’s fine.

*Heat up a non stick pan then pour in the batter in circles from the middle out (ask if making a pancake). Don’t add batter to fill gaps as it cooks.

*There is no need to use oil, if the mixture stick to the pan, you can spray with non-stick cook spray before adding the next batch. Use as little spray as possible.

*Place Injera on kitchen towel as it comes out of the pan.

*Any remaining batter can stored in a plastic bag at room temperature for a day.

*Enjoy your injera plain or with any sauce of your choice 😁

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